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ProJet™ CPX 3000 3-D RealWax™ Production System

The dual-mode ProJet™ CPX 3000 3-D Printing System produces precision high-definition real wax patterns for direct investment casting applications using standard investment materials and casting procedures. This system offers both high production output and 100% real wax patterns that melt and burn out just like standard casting wax.
ProJet™ CP 3000 3-D Production System

The ProJet™ CP 3000 3-D Printing System offers high-speed, high-volume production of high-precision wax patterns for direct investment casting. Building 100% RealWax™ patterns, this system provides a cost-effective solution for foundry prototyping and end-use parts applications.
ProJet™ HD 3000 3-D Production System

The highly productive ProJet™ HD 3000 3-D Production System accurately and consistently builds ready-to-use models in the option of two build styles. Its high throughput and large build volume with unique part stacking and nesting capabilities enable extended unattended operation ideal for overnight and weekend production runs.
ProJet™ SD 3000 3-D Printer

The ProJet™ SD 3000 3-D Printer is a cost-effective way to bring high-speed, high-definition model-making in-house for virtually any design or manufacturing business. It provides high-quality parts with exceptionally smooth surfaces and unmatched small feature detail, ideal for concept development, design verification, form-fit testing and product presentations
ProJet™ 5000 Large Format Printer

The ProJet 5000 3D Production System is designed to incorporate the next generation of 3D Systems' patented and proprietary Multi-Jet Printing (MJP) technology with features that include versatile build resolutions to fit all applications, remote diagnostics for easy serviceability, and a wide-range of interchangeable plastic and wax material options. The ProJet 5000 is designed to have the largest build platform within the ProJet family as well as the ability to produce parts in excess of 19.5 inches (or 500 mm) long.