“Instant” Prototyping
V-Flash is ready on your schedule and eliminates the time and cost of getting models from service bureaus .Unlike other affordable 3-D Printers, V-Flash doesn’t slow down with multiple model builds, so you can build more parts faster .Totally redefine the “rapid” in rapid prototyping. We call it instant prototyping.
Start making models from your earliest design ideas and gain the advantages of solid model communication throughout your design process.It’s a proven fact that iterative prototyping will accelerate your work process shortening your time to market.It can also lead to improved designs by providing proof of concept assurance throughout the design project and reduced development costs by reducing costly redesigns.
Affordable To Own & Use
V-Flash is not just the most affordable 3-D Modeller you can buy, it also provides reliable, low cost operation. Models are attached to the build pad using small, strategically spaced break-off supports that use a minimum amount of material meaning you get more parts for the material you purchase.
Unlike other 3-D Modellers, V-Flash allows for replenishment of model building material during the printing process with no additional investment in multiple material bays, and every new V-Flash Modeller comes with a 1 year warranty to give you peace-of-mind.
Using our patented and proprietary Film Transfer Imaging (FTI) technology, V-Flash Modellers have a material delivery system that eliminates wear parts in the modeller and incorporates them into a single-use cartridge.You get new factory performance with each new material cartridge for years of low cost, reliable operation.And with 3D System’s V-Flash Recycling Centre, we offer the industry’s first eco-friendly cartridge return program.
Robust Models From Your V-Flash
V-Flash models are robust and true to your design intent.
Unlike other affordable 3-D printers using ABS or powder-based materials, V-Flash modellers produce hard plastic models with smooth surfaces, exceptional fine-feature detail, durable and balanced physical properties in the x/y/z directions, and true-to-design accuracy and precision.They are tough enough for functional testing and can be drilled, machined, painted and metal-plated. If needed, you can sand V-Flash models, but with the ultra smooth surface quality you can keep the sanding to a minimum unlike those other guys.
Modeller Specifications (FTI 230)

Modeller Size   660 x 685 x 787 mm
Modeller Weight   145 lbs (66kg)
Max Build Size   228 x 171 x 203 mm
Power Requirements   220-240 VAC 50/60Hz, 3A
File support    STL
Ambient Noise     Under 60 dBa
Layer Thickness    0.004”
Minimum Vertical Wall Thick  0.64mm
Resolution    768 x 1024 x 2000 DPI (xyz)
Material Specifications (FTI-GN Material)
Density    1.11 g/cm
Tensile Strength   33MPa
Tensile Modulus   1550MPa
Elongation   5.0%
Flexural Strength  53MPa
Flexural Modulus  1700MPa
V-Flash Technical Specifications

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